3500 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 91101  (310) 000-0000

About Us

A Unique Dining Experience

Welcome to FOOD at 3500 Wilshire, a second-floor dining hall offering a modern dining experience to satisfy many tastes. Through a dynamic blend of fast-casual and farm-to-fork restaurants, FOOD is Koreatown’s go-to spot for lunch, dinner, and everything in between! The goal of FOOD is to bring together the many diverse flavors of Los Angeles under one roof. At FOOD, we pride ourselves on our renowned chefs, many of whom are “stars” on Jonathan Gold’s Top 100 Lists, and our delicious cuisines.

We’re not your typical food court – FOOD at 3500 Wilshire pays tribute to the community by bringing together diverse food, art, architecture, and a history of one of the most important streets in Los Angeles.

Conveniently located on the Metro Purple Line, FOOD offers eight dynamic restaurants and a craft beer and tapas bar to keep your appetite and schedule happy (and on-time)! FOOD at 3500 Wilshire is the perfect answer to your lunch cravings, after work happy hour, or dinner get-togethers on Wilshire Boulevard.



Wilshire Boulevard: FOOD is inspired by the history of Wilshire Boulevard. Enter our food hall and you will be “transported” into a 1930’s train station. While developing our property, our vision was to take you through the cultural development of Wilshire Boulevard. Each piece of art symbolizes a piece of the historic corridor, stretching from Downtown to the Sea. The California historic Mediterranean feel is spread through the architecture, indoor greenery, and design elements of the food hall. FOOD at 3500 Wilshire is inspired by the beautifully designed Art Deco Union Station. From the steam punk train parts, brass lights, steel panels, the dining area will make you feel like your waiting to catch your next train in a terminal. The space brings the new and old community together. Step in to our time machine and take a culinary ride!


Let’s Eat.